Portfolio of Holiday Accommodation to Rent Thesen Lifestyle - Luxury Villas - Knysna
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Portfolio of Villas

Saffron House, Knysna

Saffron House S13

Family friendly Saffron House offers visitors a single garage, laundry room, open plan kitchen, dining room and lounge area.

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Beach House Rentals Knysna

Beach House Q2

Beach House Q2 offers a separate double garage, as well as a single garage with access to the house. The kitchen, with a pantry and scullery, overlooks the private pool and garden.

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5 Star Accommodation Knysna

Salt Marsh View H37

Salt Marsh View offers unrivalled views over the tidal marshes of the Knysna estuary, to be enjoyed in easy, relaxed privacy.

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Amber Reflections Knysna

Amber Reflections E13

Amber Reflections offers beautiful views over the Thesen Island channels from the privacy of cosy luxury.

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Cedar House Knysna

Cedar House P30

Cedar House P30 offers an incredibly spacious home. Sleeping up to 13 guests, it is our largest Villa available.

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Knysna Holiday Apartments

Guest Suites

Located above the double garage, these quaint guest suites offer a queen-sized bed, a water closet with shower and a comfortable, open plan kitchenette and lounge.

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